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Bible Basics (5th. ed.)


Study 1: God || Study 2: The Spirit Of God || Study 3: The Promises Of God || Study 4: God And Death || Study 5: The Kingdom Of God || Study 6: God And Evil || Study 7: The Origin Of Jesus || Study 8: The Nature Of Jesus || Study 9: The Work Of Jesus || Study 10: Baptism Into Jesus || Study 11: Life In Christ   1.1 The Existence Of God || 1.2 The Personality Of God || Doctrine In Practice 1: Knowing God || 1.3 God's Name And Character || Doctrine In Practice 2: Grace || Doctrine In Practice 3: The All Seeing God || Doctrine In Practice 4: God Is Omnipotent || Doctrine In Practice 5: Responding To The One God || 1.4 The Angels || Doctrine In Practice 6: God As Creator || Digression 1: God Manifestation || Digression 2: Why The Trinity Was Accepted

STUDY 1: Questions

1. What will most help develop our faith in God?

a) Going to church

b) Prayerful Bible study

c) Talking to Christians

d) Looking at nature

2. Which of the following is a correct understanding of God?

a) Just an idea in our mind

b) An vague influence existing in heaven above

c) There is no God

d) A real being who tells us of Himself in the Bible

3. Is God?

a) A unity

b) A trinity

c) Many gods in one

d) Impossible to define in any way

4. What does God’s name ‘Yahweh Elohim’ mean?

a) He who will be

b) He who will be revealed in a group of mighty ones

c) A great one

d) Strength

5. What does the word ‘angel’ mean?

a) Man-like

b) Wing covered

c) Messenger

d) Assistant

6. Can angels sin?

7. What most convinces you that there is a God?

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