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Bible Basics (5th. ed.)


Study 1: God || Study 2: The Spirit Of God || Study 3: The Promises Of God || Study 4: God And Death || Study 5: The Kingdom Of God || Study 6: God And Evil || Study 7: The Origin Of Jesus || Study 8: The Nature Of Jesus || Study 9: The Work Of Jesus || Study 10: Baptism Into Jesus || Study 11: Life In Christ   6.1 God And Evil || 6.2 The Devil And Satan || 6.3 Demons || Digression 9: The Implications And Origin Of The Belief In A Personal Satan || Digression 10: Witchcraft || Digression 11: What Happened In Eden? || Digression 12: Lucifer || Doctrine In Practice 12: Battle For The Mind

STUDY 6: Questions
1. Where do problems and trials come from?
a) God
b) Chance
c) A sinful being called satan
d) Sinful beings called demons

2. What is responsible for our temptation to sin?
a) Our own human nature
b) God
c) Evil spirits
d) A sinful being called satan

3. What does the word ‘devil’ mean?
a) Sin
b) The serpent
c) False accuser / slanderer
d) Lucifer

4. What does the word ‘satan’ mean?
a) A sinner
b) An adversary
c) A beast
d) King of demons

5. Can the word ‘satan’ be applied to good people?

6. What can ‘satan’ and ‘devil’ refer to figuratively?

7. How should we understand ‘demons’ as referred to in the New
a) Sinful angels
b) Sicknesses
c) The language of the day for sicknesses, which people thought were
caused by ‘demons’
d) Spirit beings

8. What do you understand by the snake in the garden of Eden?

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