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Bible Basics (5th. ed.)

Study 1: God || Study 2: The Spirit Of God || Study 3: The Promises Of God || Study 4: God And Death || Study 5: The Kingdom Of God || Study 6: God And Evil || Study 7: The Origin Of Jesus || Study 8: The Nature Of Jesus || Study 9: The Work Of Jesus || Study 10: Baptism Into Jesus || Study 11: Life In Christ   7.1 Old Testament Prophecies Of Jesus || 7.2 The Virgin Birth || 7.3 Christ's Place In God's Plan || 7.4 "In the beginning was the word" || Digression 13: Jesus The Son Of God || Digression 14: Did Jesus Create The Earth? || Doctrine In Practice 13: Jesus Didn’t Pre-exist: And So What?

STUDY 7: Questions

1. List two Old Testament prophecies concerning Jesus.


2. Did Jesus physically exist before his birth?


3. In what sense can Jesus be said to have existed before his birth?

a) As an angel

b) As part of a trinity

c) As a spirit

d) Only in the mind and purpose of God.


4. Which of the following statements are true about Mary?

a) She was a perfect, sinless woman

b) She was an ordinary woman

c) She was made pregnant with Jesus by the Holy Spirit

d) She now offers our prayers to Jesus.


5. Did Jesus create the earth?

6. What do you understand by John 1:1-3 “In the beginning was the word?” What does it not mean?

7. Why is it important to be certain about whether Jesus existed physically before his birth?

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