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Aletheia Bible College

Biblical Studies Diploma Course

The diploma course is academically and theologically rigorous and yet also highly practical and practically relevant. The diploma course is divided into three semesters. There are 22 units in the first semester, followed by a total of 91 units in the second semester and 94 units in the third semester. The units in the second and third semesters are divided into 'core units', and then optional units which can be selected from either a missions track or pastoral track. Click on the relevant semester in order to see the course content.

1. Foundation: Semester one

2. Semester two

3. Semester three

You can view some sample lessons here.

Assessment is via course work which is given after most units. This involves a mixture of essays, writing of emails, lesson / sermon planning, discussion and other activities. Assessment is based upon these criteria:

- theological integrity

- Biblical accuracy

- practical relevance

- evidence of wider reading, thought and research

- evidence of independent thought and personal spiritual application.

Students are also expected to 'attend' live tutorials. Tutorials take the form of a pre-arranged discussion between the student, the tutor and perhaps other students. The tutorials are held online at a time convenient to all. They are conducted by audio where possible, and students are expected to have access to audio facilities or an online chat facility.

A personal tutor is assigned, who will have regular communication with the student by online audio if the student so desires (e.g. via MSN Chat, Skype, PalTalk). Submission of the writings of others or other fraudulent behaviour will be severely disciplined by the Bible College.

Your final diploma will be in either:

Biblical Studies

Pastoral Studies

Missionary Studies

All students can opt to have their diploma simply in Biblical Studies. If they have taken the pastoral track and if they prefer, it can be in Pastoral Studies. If they've specialized in the missionary track, it can be in Missionary Studies.

For more information and to talk by audio to a tutor directly, email us some times and dates on which we may contact you, your landline phone number and / or your handle on PalTalk, MSN or Skype.

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