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Appendix 5: “To the Jew first”

5-1 Why We Should Preach To Israel || 5-2 Preaching To Israel In The Last Days || 5-3 The Preaching Commission Of Isaiah 40 || 5-3-1 John The Baptist's Style Of Preaching

Appendix 6: Tears In Heaven: A Missionary Obituary

Appendix 7: Capitalism And Welfare Policy In The Mission Field

Appendix 8-1: 

Carelinks 10 day Missionary Training Program

Riga, Latvia 16-28 July 2012 God willing



Daily timetable:

09:30- 11:00 Bible readings [with comments by participants]; 11:30-12:30 session 1; 12:30-13:00 workshop; 13:00-15:00 lunch 15:00-16:00 Session 2; 16:30-17:00 workshop; 17:30-18:30 Session 3; 18:30-19:30 supper; 19:30 closing meditation [by participants]

In the evenings, participants will have the opportunity to work on developing a Personal Action Strategy, and they will have at least two private sessions with the course leaders to discuss this. They will then present their Strategy to the group on the last day.

In addition to the ten study days, there will be two days of on the street preaching in the centre of Riga, in English, with feedback and discussion; and some pastoral visits with feedback and discussion.

Day 1

1-1 Defining our aims, knowing our motivations WORKSHOP: Personal Action Strategy [DH]

1-2 Basic doctrine [1]: The promises of God and the death state, hell WORKSHOP: How to deal with difficult passages [JA]

1-3 How to study the Bible and share it with others WORKSHOP: [JA]

Day 2

2-1 Basic doctrine [2]: The nature and work of Jesus WORKSHOP: [DH]

2-2 Basic doctrine [3]: The devil and demons WORKSHOP: Explaining difficult passages [DH]

2-3 Basic doctrine [4]: The nature of God and the Holy Spirit (including Holy Spirit gifts]   [JA]

Day 3

3-1 The Carelinks model for preaching, following up interest and baptizing into Christ WORKSHOP: How to email [DH]

3-2 Basic doctrine [5]: The Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit (including Holy Spirit gifts]  WORKSHOP: [JA]

3-3 The early church [1] [DH] [The obstacles they faced; how and why they succeeded]

Day 4

4-1 Basic Psychology for Preachers [1] How to teach, how to talk with people WORKSHOP: Lesson plans, planning follow up visits and spiritual development programs for the newly baptized [DH]

4-2 Forgiveness issues [1] WORKSHOP:  [SG]

4-3 The early church [2] [DH] [Where and why things went wrong, and the lessons for us]

Day 5

5-1 Basic Psychology for Preachers [2] How to counsel, how communities and relationships develop WORKSHOP:  [DH] Developing small groups; assessing the needs of your target group; self-criticism.

5-2 Forgiveness issues [2] WORKSHOP: [SG]

5-3 Apologetics / Other religions [Islam] [1] [JA]

Day 6

6-1 Basic Medical Knowledge for Preachers [Identifying common illnesses, psychological problems]  WORKSHOP: First aid [CH]

6-2 Dealing with the poor WORKSHOP:  Responding to requests for aid [DH]

6-3 Apologetics / Other religions [Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism] [2] [JA]

Day 7

7-1 Fellowship and baptism [1] WORKSHOP:  [JA]

7-2 Leadership issues WORKSHOP: Conflict management [JA]

7-3 An outline of Christadelphian history [DH]

Day 8

8-1 Fellowship and baptism [2] WORKSHOP: Why people don’t get baptized [JA]

8-2 Pastoral Issues [1]: Bereavement, Addictions, Counselling people WORKSHOP: Role plays [DH]

8-3 Eldership [JA]

Day 9

9-1 Pastoral Issues [2]: Sexual issues, marital and gender issues WORKSHOP: Role plays [JA]

9-2 Dealing with people of limited literacy / intelligence / mental health; communicating across language barriers WORKSHOP: Explaining the Gospel in pictures; matchstick men [DH]

9-3 An outline of latter day prophecy  [JA]

Day 10

10-1 Specific problems of new converts [loneliness, marriage within the faith, unbelieving partners] WORKSHOP:  [JA]

10-2 Your questions and feedback [JA, DH]

Presentation and critique of Personal Action Strategies