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The Death of the Cross Duncan Heaster  
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“The death of the cross"

1. “The death of the cross"- a chronological analysis

1-1-1 The Background To The Crucifixion

1-1-2 The Chronology Of The Crucifixion

1-1-3 Spiritual Culture

1-1-4-1 The Flogging / Scourging

1-1-4-2 Ongoing Crucifixion And Death

1-1-4-3 The Bruising Of Christ

1-1-4-4 " A sheep before her shearers"

1-1-5 The Walk To Golgotha

1-1-6-1 The Crucifixion Of Christ

1-1-6-2 The Inscription On The Cross

1-1-7 " Father forgive them"

1-1-8-1 Naked Crucifixion?

1-1-8-2 Mocking The Crucified Christ

1-1-9 " Woman behold thy son"

1-1-10 " Today you will be with me in paradise"

1-1-11 " Why hast thou forsaken me?"

1-1-12 " I thirst"

1-1-13 " It is finished"

1-1-14 " Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit"

1-1-15 The Pierced Christ

2. The Central Role Of The Crucifixion In The Gospels

3. The Compulsion Of The Cross

3-1 Joseph And Nicodemus

3-2 The Compulsion Of The Cross

3-3 Constrained By The Love Of Christ

4. God Manifestation In The Cross

5. The Cross In The Parables

6. The Implications Of The Atonement

7. The Importance Of The Breaking Of Bread

7-1 The Passover And The Breaking Of Bread

7-2 The Breaking Of Bread As A Peace Offering

7-3 Hebrews: Breaking Of Bread Sermon

7-4 The Cross And The Breaking Of Bread: Foretaste Of Judgment

7-4-1 The Voice Of The Cross

7-4-2 The Cross And Self-Examination

7-4-3 The Cross And The Judgment

7-4-4 The Breaking Of Bread And The Judgment

7-4-5 Joseph's Cup Of Divination

7-4-6 The Trial Of Jealousy

7-4-7 Breaking Bread: Practical Advice

8. The Cross In John’s Gospel

9. “The rock that followed them"

10. Taking Up The Cross

11. Our Christian Extremism

12. Peter And The Cross

13. Images Of The Love Of Christ

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