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3-1-6 Praise God For The Spirit


Now we might also make mention of the fact that if…if our speakers decide to cut their presentation short, in this case Duncan by two minutes, then he will have an additional two minutes later, should he desire to take that. The same with you, Marie, if you decide that you want to bank that time for a little bit later, we’ll credit that to your account as well. So we’ll now turn it over to Marie.

Pastor Battle’s First Speech

Praise the Lord, everybody.


Praise the Lord.


We thank the Lord for being here this afternoon, this evening. Of course we can get to witness and talk to men that we wouldn’t come in touch with out in the public. But I was glad for this opportunity and I’m here to say what the Word say. Praise God, it said that once a…a lady was visiting another lady and she had a parrot and every time this lady would say something and the bird would say, “That’s what the Word say…that’s what the Word say.” So I’m here to tell you what the Word say…Praise God. God’s Word is all that we have to go by.

I don’t see where God will change…God has changed His church. Jesus came and said he will build his church upon this rock. I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. So..uh…he said I will give the key to Peter, and that key, we realize, that key was used on the day of Pentecost. Praise God it was. And as the brother have said there were over 120 men that spoke in other tongues and that’s not even counting the women and the children at that time. But there were others at other times, Praise God for the Spirit, Cornelius, and uh…there was, Paul spoke more than they all did, Praise God.

And there’s a difference in the gift of tongues and the initiative, evidence of you receiving the Holy Ghost. Because when the Holy Ghost comes, He’s a witness and he will make himself known….known that he has made his destination within us. And so, the Word tell us that you must be born again, of the water and of the spirit. Praise God. One verse, a scripture, tells us, praise God, that…umm…thank the Lord, that He doesn’t, God doesn’t change His ways. Praise God, thank you Lord. So we are looking forward to continuing in the words according to advice that’s given by the inspiration of God. Thank you Lord. And we can just think in our minds about this. This was spiritual. Praise God. It was given by the inspiration of God and whenever the men wrote they had…the Spirit of God came upon them to write this. And so, the gifts were given, as Jesus had promised. He said, thank you Lord, that the signs would follow them, those that believed. And he spoke of those tongues in Mark 16th chapter, Praise God, …it’s seems I got up here it seems like everything got missing…But anyway, when you receive the Holy Ghost. Now I have received, you can say, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Comforter, whichever you want to. I believe there’s power, so much power in God and in His Spirit, in His way to even the very book of Genesis tell how the spirit moved on the water and the waters divided. And I think, “He has all power, praise God. And He wants to use His people, Praise God, He gives us those gifts that they can ..uhh…that the church can profit with them. I’m not talking about our little individual place, but the church that Jesus said He came to build. And uhh…they had these gifts, after the Holy Ghost they came upon them, praise God, they began to, uhhh…. work. They said at one point, when Jesus was walking with them and they wanted, somebody wanted to know, why couldn’t we do it? And Jesus said, “this kind come by fasting and prayer.” And after receiving the Holy Ghost and this is the early church; this is what Paul was teaching…Paul was teaching on this. Praise God, about the gifts of the Spirit, the nine gifts of the Spirit. And I believe that Paul had it, had all nine of them.

And it’s possible now that God can use whosoever will that present themselves to Him a living sacrifice, as the Word of God has said. Thank you Lord. So he said the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit with them. To one is given the spirit of the word of wisdom, to another the word of knowledge by the same spirit. Another faith (the same spirit), to another the gifts of healing by the same spirit. To another workers of miracles, another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another diverse kinds of tongues, to another interpretation of tongues. But all these worked in one and the same spirit, dividing every man severally as He will. Uh..and the gifts, God give the gifts in the church, I do believe, Praise God. I believe He gives some the gifts of tongues, Thank the Lord, and this is done by the Spirit of God. This is not anything, that I can say for myself, that I can make up. I don’t know any foreign language, anything like that But whenever the Spirit of God within me want to speak, Praise God. Sometimes tongues are for to, need interpretation an interpreter. But then there again are times when you’re edifying yourself, Praise God. I’ve seen Holy Ghost use people, singing in tongues, praying in tongues, using them in various ways with the tongue. And I believe that tongue, tongue still exist – I know they do. Praise God. Thank you Jesus, Praise God. And uh…when Jesus left, he ascended up on high. He left captivity captive and he gave gifts unto men. He didn’t give gifts just then to stop there. Praise God. You are in His church, He can use who He will whenever He want to. And He will not, Praise God, take away the gift from men. Amen. Glory to God. So the tongues that you use, Praise God, isn’t to profit with. Nothing for ourselves, not anything to edify ourselves, or make us see great or anything, but their given to profit with uh…God’s church. With uh..grow, we edify, it will help the unbelievers and all. Thank you Lord. That another one – the faith. One man may have the gifts of…of tongues. It like every time he starts talking he goes off in tongues. You might that that he’s just, oh he’s just…that they’re just fanatics. Can’t open the mouth without a tongue, but that’s a gift of tongue. And nobody have to teach you this. It says, “as the sprit of God give utterance”. I would try, if I didn’t have it, I would try to see if I could get the real Holy Ghost. Thank you Jesus. Praise God.

And these are the last days, Praise God, that we’re living in now. Amen. It said in the last days, Joel has said, “in the last days, we’re gonna pour out his spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughter, they shall prophesy.” Thank you Lord. And so the gifts are not taken away and they will not be taken away, Praise God, and start back over again. And we’re looking for the rapture of Christ. Of course we don’t see that word rapture, but we’re looking for Jesus to come back, and we want to be caught up to meet him. Amen, thank you Lord.

To another the faith, faith by the same spirit. There are some born-again Christians that they just have faith. Praise God. It’s not a natural thing, this is spiritual, Praise God. Whatever come or whenever is needed, that’s when the gifts should be used anyway – at a time when they’re needed. God knows, we don’t know the time, Praise God, He knows when to use. Amen.

And to another the working of miracles. Also this work and to another prophesy. Amen. And so prophesy is still at work. Praise God. Spirit of God come on upon you, Praise God. Not only upon you. See before we got it, we had ….it would come upon us. But now, in these last days, we have it on the inside. Praise God, thank you Lord. So this began to work. Praise God, the working of miracles. And I believe in miracles – I know God is a miracle worker. Praise God, I’m an example myself. I could give you the doctor’s name, the place where they are. Over in 1989 they said I had an aneurysm on my heart. And no one hardly lives with that. They put a patch on my heart and said I wouldn’t live over 6 months. Now this is a miracle. They doctors – if there were here today – would tell you that’s a miracle. That it’s happened.

And God loves us, Praise God. He wouldn’t just give His gift to one part of the church then let the rest not have it. Thank the Lord. He said, “when the Spirit of truth comes, he shall lead you and guide you into all truth”. Praise God. He’s going to take things of his and give it to us. The Spirit, Praise God, of course works in many spirits, have gone out. And He tells us to try the Spirit. Praise God. Some say try the Spirit by the Spirit. No, I wouldn’t do that. Praise God. Try the Spirit by the Word of God. Thank the Lord.

[Someone in audience speaks in tongues] There it is! See there, that go on. Thank the Lord, Praise God.

But uh…thank the Lord. The self-same spirit that…all of them’s done by the self-same spirit. Someone’s said one time that it’s like…when the Holy Ghost came, he brought his bag, and he..he brought his bag…he gave gifts to us. And he used us, used whom he will, Praise God, in these different gifts. And we do need them in the church today, Praise God. Thank the Lord. But all were self-dividing, every man severally as he will. And uh…said there are a diversity of gifts. But the same spirit. Praise God. It all have to work by the same spirit. I cannot say I was a natural-born child that could sing, not that type of thing. This is not a calling type of thing. I’m talking about the Spirit, the power of God working in your life. Thank you Lord. And it is necessary that you have the gifts. Is definitely necessary, Praise God. All those disciples, when Jesus told them to go forth, Praise God, they began to preach and teach and miracles were done by them. Miracles are still at work today. Praise God. Thank our Lord. I don’t say that you can’t use a doctor or anything of that sort, but whenever a miracle is needed, Praise God, by His supernatural power – He works. He moves in. But number 1, Praise God, I don’t even believe that we can say, Thank the Lord, that He is Lord. It’s what the Word say. We cannot say He’s Lord without his Spirit. We can say we think him, we think of Him this way or that way, or we read about Him, Praise God. But He said, without my Spirit, you are none of his. And He’s the one that Give us His Spirit. Don’t just try to get it, thank you Lord, by some that please and ease and satisfy your mind. But we want to please the Lord. We want to please Jesus. Praise God. We want to walk according to the Word of God. Amen, thank the Lord. And of course, Praise God, there’s one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. But when you come to it and start counting, there’s about 300 or 500 or 1000 baptisms. Some sprinkle with flowers…some do things with…Praise God. One picture was shown of John standing in the water and Jesus was with him. He took a cup of water and was pouring it over his head. Praise God. And if that wasn’t right, Praise God…I know a baptism of the Holy Ghost, Praise God, (still talking about the Holy Ghost) and also the baptism with the water also. Praise God, thank the Lord.

So one faith, and that one faith is Jesus. That one Lord is Jesus. Praise God, say how can that be? Lord is the father. Thank you Lord. Jesus is the son. Christ is the mediator. Praise God. So try not, thank the Lord, if you please, Praise God, be supposing that you can make it without this. And be supposing that you don’t need the Holy Spirit. That you don’t need the gifts in the church. We need the gifts. So many greatly error, Jesus taught, because you know not the scriptures. Praise God. They worked, Praise God, and miracles was done, so wherefore he said when he ascended upon high, wherefore he led captivity captive. And he gave gifts unto men. You think he went away and folded up his arms? He gave some gifts, Praise God, and the gifts are still…still working. Amen. Now that he has said it, what it is but that he descended first. And to the lower parts of the earth. Praise God, he went down first, and came up. Amen. Then a few days, he ascended on high. Praise God. Thankfully he that descended is the same that ascended above all heavens.

(You gotta let me know when it’s time to stop.) Thank the Lord. Praise God. Thank our Lord. Ahh…Amen, thank you Jesus. Oh, we love you tonight Lord. Thank Him. God bearing, uh…was bearing these people a witness (Hebrews 2:4) God also bearing a witness, both with signs and wonders. Amen. God is not going to do what we think that we can do. Amen. I think one verse said: man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. Thank the Lord. As long as we think we can make it without Him, then He’s not gonna do it. He say why we don’t see these things happening? Because, Praise God, maybe you have not presented your body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. Thank the Lord. He said no man can like this speak evil of me…in other words, be able to do one of these miracles or signs. Praise God.

Think about how the earth was without void and God was moving on the face of it. And the same God today, yesterday, and forever. That Spirit of the Lord moved, Praise God. You can think that his spirit doesn’t move anymore, his spirit doesn’t work anymore, his spirit doesn’t speak anymore? I don’t believe he gives out a dumb Holy Ghost. Thank you Lord. Amen. But when a Holy Ghost is within you, I believe he’s gonna speak, Praise God. But believe everything else you’ve been taught, but just don’t believe, Praise God that this isn’t in action today. But it, Praise God. So uh..and it came to pass, at the last days, God said he would pour Spirit upon all flesh. Are you flesh? You’re flesh, Praise God. And we’re living in the last days, don’t fool yourself. Everything that he said was coming to pass, it’s happening. Parents against their children, children against the parents, time to stop? Thank you Lord, Praise God. Thank you Lord. So let us, Praise God, accept God’s word at church. (It’s hard to sit here and try to tell you in 2 or 3 minutes, Praise God, about what we have.) So there are 3 that bear record in heaven. The Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost. And these three are one. There’s also that, Praise God, the three that bears record here. And that record is bared within us, through us. Praise God. God bless you, thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.


Thank you Marie, thank you Duncan. We will now take a five-minute break. Let me just ask that you not go too far. Remember the question boxes on either side for our forum.