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The Last Days Duncan Heaster  
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Section 1: Types Of The Last Days 

Chapter 1  The flood as a type of the last days

Chapter 2  Babel

Chapter 3  Sodom

3-1 Lot In Sodom

Chapter 4  Jacob and Esau In The Last Days

Chapter 5  Latter Day Passover and Exodus

Chapter 6  Arab invasions during the time of the Judges

Introduction: The Judges As Saviours

6-1.  Chushan-Rishathaim

6-2.  Eglon of Moab

6-3.  Jabin And Sisera

6-4.  Gideon And Midian

6-5.  Jephthah and Ammon

Chapter 7  Arab invasions during the time of the Kings

7-1 The Type Of David And Goliath

7-2 Jehoshaphat And The Last Days

Chapter 8  The Assyrian Invasion

8-1 The Assyrian and Babylonian Invasions: Introduction

8-2 Assyria And Gog

8-3 Tiglath-pileser

8-4 The Assyrian Invasion As A Type

8-5 Hezekiah's Reformation

8-6 Rabshakeh

8-7 Assyria And Daniel 11

8-8 Hezekiah's Prayer

8-9 A Rebuilt Temple In The Last Days?

8-10 The Latter Day Remnant

8-11 Leviathan And Assyria

Digression 1: The Identity Of Rosh

The Identity Of Rosh

A Biblical Case For A Russian Invasion

The Significance Of The Georgia - Russia Conflict In Bible Prophecy

Unrest In The Arab World: The Perspective of Biblical Prophecy

Chapter 9

9-1 The Babylonian invasion of Judah

9-2 The judgment of Babylon

Digression 2 The Revival Of Babylon

2-1 Unfulfilled Prophecies About Babylon

2-2 Babylon As Capital Of The Beast

2-3 Babylon And Antichrist

2-4 Latter Day Babylon

2-5 A Possible Latter Day Sequence Of Events?

Chapter 10 The first coming of Jesus

Digression 3: The Earth - Land - Eretz


Section 2: The Holocaust  To Come

Chapter 11 The tribulation in the Olivet prophecy

11-1 The Olivet Prophecy And The Last Days

11-2 Does The Olivet Prophecy Have A Break In Fulfillment?

11-3 An Exposition Of The Olivet Prophecy

11-4 The Olivet Prophecy And 1 Thessalonians

Digression 4: The Relevance Of Revelation To AD70

Chapter 12-1 The tribulation in Daniel and Revelation

12-2 The Beast And The Little Horn

12-3 The beast and the man of sin

12-4 Latter Day Persecution 

12-5 The Seals

12-6 The Two Witnesses

12-7 The Dragon And The Child

Digression 5: Do We Know The day And Hour?

Digression 6: A Possible Chronology Of The Tribulation

Digression 7: The Palestinian Movement In Bible Prophecy


Section 3 : The Repentance Of Israel

Chapter 13 The marriage supper parable

Chapter 14 The fig tree parable

Chapter 15 The repentance of Israel

Chapter 16-1 The coming of Elijah

16-2 Malachi's 'Elijah' Prophecy


Section 4: The Coming Of The Lord And Judgment

Chapter 17-1 The Parousia

17-2 Christ's Coming As A Thief

Chapter 18 The judgment seat of Christ

Chapter 19 Wise and foolish virgins


Section 5: The Ecclesia In The Last Days

Chapter 20 "The promise of his coming"

20-1 2 Peter Chapter 3: An Exposition

20-2 The Judgment Of AD70

20-3 Is There A Delay In Christ's Return?

Chapter 21 Wheat and tares

Chapter 22 Latter day apostacy?

Chapter 23 The man of sin

23.1 The Antichrist In Daniel

Chapter 24 Letters for the last days

Chapter 25 Christ's Letters To The Churches

25-2 The Financial / Liquidity Crisis And Bible Prophecy

Digression 8: Knowledge Shall Be Increased


Section 6: The Kingdom

Chapter 26 Types of the Kingdom of God 

Chapter 27 The Essence Of The Kingdom Of God

Chapter 28 What Will The Millennium Be Like?

Chapter 29 The nations in the Millennium

Chapter 30 The natural creation in the Kingdom of God

Chapter 31 The location of Eden

Digression 9: The Seven Last Visions Of Revelation



1) "Are there few that be saved?"

2) Identifying the beast

3) The Antichrist principle

4) Loving Christ's appearing

5) Protestant Phobia About Russia

6) Criticisms Of Futurism Considered

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