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Prayer Duncan Heaster  
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1. " The sacrifice of praise"

2-1 The Essence Of Prayer

2-2 Prayer In The Spirit

2-3 The Struggle Of Prayer

3. Prayer: Practical Guidance

3-2 Prayer: A List Of Requests?

3-3 Prayer For Others

3-4 Prayer For The Coming Of The Kingdom

3-5 Visualize God

3-6 Approaching God

3-7 Psychology And Prayer

3-8 Prayer And Fasting

3-9 How To Improve Prayer

4. The Power Of Prayer

4-1 God Changing His Mind

4-2 The Power Of Prayer

4-3 God Limiting His Omniscience

4-4 Prayer Changes Things

5. The Comfort Of Answered Prayer

6. The Mediation Of Prayer

7-1 Angels Answering Prayer

7-2 Case Study: David And The Ziphites

8. The Gospel: Inspiration For Prayer

9. Prayer And The Limitation Of God

9-1 Divine Ecology

9-2 Limiting God

9-3 The Limitation Of Prayer

9-4 The Power Of Preaching

10. Prayer In The Last Days

11. Prayer: A Foretaste Of The Judgment

12. Some Sample Prayers

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