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A World Waiting To Be Won

Duncan Heaster



Introduction ( by Alan Eyre)

1. We're All Preachers: Motivations For Preaching

1.1  Joyful Urgency

1.2 Making Disciples

1.3 The Focused Life

2. Doctrine Based Preaching

2.1 The Bible is God's inspired, infallible word.

3. “Witnesses unto me”

3-1 “Witnesses unto me”

3-2 Witnessing For Christ

3-3 Paul Preaching Christ

3-4 Boldness In Witness

3-5 The Servant Songs

3-6 The Proof Of The Resurrection Is The Church

3-7 Preaching As Christ Did

4. Humility And Preaching

4-1 Humility And Preaching

4-2 Bent Knees, Wet Eyes, Broken Hearts: Emotion In Preaching

4-3 The More Real, The More Credible

4-4 Preaching In The Workplace: Sample Dialogues

4-5 Guilt And Grace

4-5-1The Extent Of Grace

4-5-2 Grace And Guilt

4-5-3 True And False Guilt

4-5-4 Barriers Against Grace

5. “Into all the world”

5-1 “Into all the world”

5-2 The Great Commission

5-3 The Light Of The World

5-4 Preaching “To every creature”

5-5 Latter Day Fulfilment Of The Great Commission

5-6 The Great Commission In Matthew

5-7 The Great Commission In Mark And Luke

5-8 The Great Commission In John

5-9 Reaching The Unreached

6. Touching The Raw Nerve In Preaching

6. Touching The Raw Nerve In Preaching

6-1 Preaching: Workshop Dialogues

7. Dealing With Error Whilst Preaching Truth

7-1 The Word Will Not Return Void

7-2 The Teaching Style Of Jesus

7-3 Paul's Teaching Style

7-4 Patient Teaching And Preaching

7-5 Glorifying God In Preaching

8. The Hopefulness Of The Preacher

8. The Hopefulness Of The Preacher

8-1 A Positive Spirit In Preaching

9. Christians Unlimited

9-1 Christians Unlimited 

9-2 Limiting God

9-3 The Power Of Preaching

9-4 God Chooses To Depend Upon Us

9-5 Fulfilling The Sufferings Of Jesus

9-6 Bringing People To Faith

9-7 The Limitations Of Pastoral Work

9-8 The Unlimited Christian Potential

9-9 Expanding Horizons In Christ

10. The Child In The Midst: Simplicity In Preaching

11. A World Waiting To Be Won: The Latter Day Expansion Of The Gospel

12. Christian Self-Perception

12. Christian Self-Perception

12-1 Preaching By Door Knocking: Dialogues

13. The Christian Crisis Of Conscience

13. The Christian Crisis Of Conscience

14. People Matter

14-1 People Matter

14-2 A Feeling God

14-3 The Personal Pleading Of The Prophets

14-4 Passionate Preaching And Prayer

15. Hearts That Bleed

15-1 Hearts That Bleed

15-2 The Parable of The Three Friends

15-3 Passion For The Lost

15-4 Loving Our Brethren

15-5 Reaching Those Who Left Church

15-6 The Heart Of Jesus

15-7 The Value Of Persons

15-8 A dehumanized world

15-9 Grieving for others

15-10-1 The Spirit Of Prophecy

15-10-2 The Counter-Cultural Message Of The Hebrew Prophets

15-10-3 Frontal Attack On Indifference

15-10-4 The Prophetic Attack On Pride And Wealth

15-10-5 The Prophets And Injustice

15-10-6 The Prophetic Criticism Of Israel’s Religion

15-10-7 The Prophetic Experience And Prophetic Consciousness


16. Salt Of The Earth: The Power Of Influence

17. Some Thoughts On Preaching (Alan Eyre)



18. I Have A Dream: The Church In The Last Days

19. Wounded Christian Soldiers

19-1 Christians Who Fall Away

19-2 Not Giving Or Taking Offence

19-3 Paul And Philemon

19-4 Vendettas And Hatred In The Church

20. The Urgency Of Our Task

20-1 The Urgency Of The Preacher

20-2 The Apostles’ Preaching

20-3 Urgent Response To The Gospel

21. The Primary Importance Of Preaching

21. The Primary Importance Of Preaching

22. We Will Be Saved

22-1 Assurance Of Salvation

22-2 Believing In Salvation

22-3 “Eternal life” Assured Now

22-4 Preaching The Good News

23. The Loneliness Phenomenon

23. The Loneliness Phenomenon

24. How To Fund Missionary Work

24. How To Fund Missionary Work

Appendix 1: Follow You, Follow Me (Some thoughts on eldership in a mission context)

1-1 Pastoral care in mission churches

1-2 All Christians Are Equal

1-3 All Christians Are Responsible

1-4 The Strategy Of Jesus

1-5 Elders And Deacons

1-6 Bishops And Elders

1-7 Paul As The Model Elder

1-8 The Servant Leader

Appendix: Elders And Romans 13

Appendix 2: Winning The West

2-1 Missionary Work In The West: Trends From Canada

2-2 The Potential Of The Unchurched In The W est 

2-3 Australian Church Surveys

Appendix 3: One To One Preaching: Sample Dialogues

3-1 Building rapport in conversations 

Appendix 4: Why Do Some Areas Respond More Than Others?

Appendix 5: “To the Jew first”

5-1 Why We Should Preach To Israel

5-2 Preaching To Israel In The Last Days

5-3 The Preaching Commission Of Isaiah 40

5-3-1 John The Baptist's Style Of Preaching

Appendix 6: Tears In Heaven: A Missionary Obituary

Appendix 7: Capitalism And Welfare Policy In The Mission Field

Appendix 8: Missionary Training Program

The Program [] Carelinks Missionary Method [] Some Psychology for Preachers [] Dealing with the Poor [] Aspergers []  Giving Your First Bible Talk 

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