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The Case For Grace: A Commentary On Romans 1-8

The Case For Grace: A Commentary On Romans 1-8

Duncan Heaster

Carelinks Publishing
P.O. Box 152
Menai NSW 2234




The Case For Grace: A Commentary On Romans 1-8 by Duncan Heaster
Published by: Carelinks Publishing, PO Box 152, Menai NSW 2234 AUSTRALIA
© Duncan Heaster, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-906951-28-3

The Case For Grace:
A Commentary On Romans 1-8

Introduction… 4
The Structure of Romans: The Power of Basics… 6
Romans 1… 16
Romans 2… 37
Romans 3… 59
Romans 4… 79
Romans 5… 100
Romans 6… 136
Romans 7… 156
Romans 8… 175


The grace of God is almost too good news to believe. We approach gifts [‘grace’] with a cynicism born of hard experience in this world. Nothing’s really free; the special offer has small print attached; aid for the poor carries some unspoken expectation of response; our love for our children is given all too often with some strong hope in their appreciation and loyalty. The grace or giving of God is different; it’s not only as good as it sounds but has a hyper quality to it, something beyond, something exceeding our wildest dreams or most daring spiritual fantasies.
In trying to get this all expressed and explained within the paradigm of words on paper, even if they are Divinely inspired words, it’s almost inevitable that the argument is going to be reasonably long and intense. We can of course just simply accept it, with simple faith like those illiterate folk who first heard the essence of it all, “beside the Syrian sea”. But because God foresaw that many of us aren’t as great in spiritual stature as them, He provides us with the analysis of the good news which we have in Romans 1-8. Here we have explained the mechanics of how the Gospel works; of how it works out that we who are sinners end up saved and rejoicing in sure hope of eternal life. There’s an intensity in style and content which is appropriate; there’s a depth and tightness of thought in the intellectual argument from which Paul at times surfaces to gasp out his joy in the certainty of salvation, and the sheer wonder of it all.
The exposition of Romans has nearly always become bogged down in abstractions. I’ve therefore chosen to begin the exposition by demonstrating that the purpose of all the theology, the ideas, the doctrine which we meet in Romans 1-8 is in fact very practical; it is harnessed by Paul towards the radical transformation of human life in practice. 
I don’t claim of course to have got it right on every point here. The density of the argument, the intensity of dealing with the most ultimate matters of the cosmos, means that the language of Romans sometimes defies interpretation in terms of ‘this phrase means that, then follows this phrase, which means this…’. And this is all further complicated by my conviction, which I many times exemplify, that Paul is often alluding to and deconstructing contemporary Jewish writings. Those allusions affect his word choice; and since we don’t have access to all those writings, it’s quite likely that in our reading and exposition we are often walking unawares over an allusion or half quotation to some document now unknown. And so we embark upon Romans with prayer; really, we must do.
I’m open to your comments, reflections and corrections.
God’s grace be with you all; accept the Gospel; believe in Him; keep the faith; and I look forward to seeing you ‘there’ eternally.
Duncan Heaster
dh [at]

Unless otherwise noted, Bible quotations are either from the KJV or the New European Version [see ]. The abbreviation ‘s.w.’ means ‘same [original] word translated as’.

1.Introduction 2. The Structure of Romans 3. Romans Chapter 1 4. Romans Chapter 2 5. Romans Chapter 3 6. Romans Chapter 4 7. Romans Chapter 5 8. Romans Chapter 6 9. Romans Chapter 7 10. Romans Chapter 8


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