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6. Touching The Raw Nerve In Preaching

6. Touching The Raw Nerve In Preaching || 6-1 Preaching: Workshop Dialogues

7. Dealing With Error Whilst Preaching Truth

7-1 The Word Will Not Return Void || 7-2 The Teaching Style Of Jesus || 7-3 Paul's Teaching Style || 7-4 Patient Teaching And Preaching || 7-5 Glorifying God In Preaching

6-1 Preaching: Workshop Dialogues

Work through the following dialogues in pairs. Note how the first one brings Sue round to realising that there is mileage in our position, and makes her admit what is lacking in her church going. Note how the second one fails to build up rapport and is constantly locked into conflict. Now write similar dialogues reflecting the need for:

- recognition of our own fallibility

- preaching doctrine

- identifying and touching the raw nerve in others without causing a knee-jerk reaction against us

- correcting othersí misunderstandings without seeming conceited

- seeking the salvation of others rather than proving ourselves right

- to preach Jesus Christ rather than ourselves or membership of our religion as opposed to another one.

Dialogue 1

A: Morning! How was the weekend?

B: Great! Had a real blessed time at church, wow, the minister was really on form.

A: Good! Must admit my spiritual life is a bit of a yo-yo, what goes up must come down, 3 steps back and 4 forward kinda thing.

B: You know, Iím sure you guys are missing out on something. And itís called simply: the Holy Spirit!! Itíll give you all joy and peace!

A: HmmmÖyeah, youíve said that before and you know, I really have thought about it. I donít quite get all the Bible teaching about the Holy Spirit, but you know, I do feel that joy and peace, just from believing deep within me that, you know, itís all real, that there is a God above, that He loves me through Christ, that the Kingdom of God will come on earth, Jesus will come and raise me and judge meÖ

B: OK, yeah, actually I do notice you do have a peace. When my husband was late home from work the other night, wow, I was freaking out all over the place!

A: I canít imagine you freaking out! You seem so calm!

B: Ha, you know underneath Iím pretty wound up.

A: Wound up, yeah, thatís about me too. But I feel so bad that I have what I honestly believe to be the Truth and yet I am so wound up about things. I donít think it means I donít believe or I donít have the right things to believe, itís just my weakness of faith.

B: Yeah, must admit, my faith gets pretty weak at time! Still, I hope the Holy Spiritís gonna help me.

A: Well in my low moments I just throw myself before God in prayer and I keep reading His word, and thinking of how Jesus really had my natureÖ.

B: Oh yeah but youíve got that weird stuff about Jesus not being God, yeah?

A: Well the point is, when my faith is weak, I think of Him like Hebrews says ďtempted in all points like as we are yet without sinĒ. Itís a real comfort, that He was sinlessÖ

B: Sure is.  Must admit, I never know where to turn in the Bible. You know what, some times I feel like a total FRAUD!

A: No no, hey, youíre not a fraud, youíre a lovely, real person. Youíve just got your doubts like we all have. But dear Sue, you know, I wonderÖ.wonder wonder wonderÖwhether this idea that Ďyouíve got the Holy Spirit and therefore if you believe you can do anything, get everything, youíll feel happy all the timeí, you know, I wonder if that doesnít lead to depression in people and feeling their frauds when they arenít? Like, I know you are totally sincere, itís tragic you feel a fraudÖ

B: DunnoÖbut you know, there sure are a lot of depressed people in our church, come to think of it. But donít go inviting me to your church, please!!

A: Come on, Iím not interested in getting people along to our church. You know for me, Iím perhaps a very closed person. What matters to me is my relationship with the Lord Jesus, and showing the fruit of the Spirit, getting that love, joy, peace, and I do feel very very slowly Iím getting there. But, sorry to go on, but youíre so BRAVE to be so open with me!

A: Dunno about brave. But, well, thanks for making me feel Iím not a fraud. Yeah you know, Iím a closed person too. Like you, canít share that much, actually I sometimes wonder about going to church at all. Well, I really must have a look at that Holy Spirit stuff a bit more. Iíll ask the pastor.

B: Sure, ask the pastor. Maybe I could give you a booklet about it? I donít want to confuse you, but, you know Sue, PRAY for God to guide you, I do as well, I mean, weíre like children coming to HimÖ

Dialogue 2

A: Morning! How was the weekend?

B: Great! Had a real blessed time at church, wow, the minister was really on form.

A: Yes we had a good meeting in the ecclesia yesterday, the exhorting brother was great!

B: Yeah, he was all preaching on the Holy Spirit, I swear I almost saw a dove descend on him!

A: Come on now, in the Bible, the word Spirit means power of breath, and Holy means set aside for a special purpose, like in Luke 1 when Jesus is going to be born, the Holy Spirit is called the power of the highest that overshadowed Mary. The Greek word ĎdynamisíÖ

B: Yeah, woo, you guys! You know what, I donít care about the Greek, I care about Jesus! I want to be anointed with His spirit! Problem with you guys is that you donít have the Spirit in your lives, thatís why youíre often so depressed!

A: But donít you get depressed sometimes? No, I think we are all very happy in the ecclesia, happy because weíve got the Truth, you know Iíve been reading the Bible many years and I really know itís the Truth.

B: Yeah but I believe the Bible is the Truth as well!

A: No, I meant, that our doctrines are the Truth, you know, that the truth is the truth.

B: Well Jesus said, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth and Heís gonna lead us into all truth, I just say, sit back and be lead.

A: No Sue, come on, weíve got to read the Bible not just sit back.

B: But we DO read the Bible! I carry a New Testament in my bag everywhere!

A: Yes but itís not just the New Testament weíve got to read but the whole Bible, I mean, the Gospel is based on the promises to Abraham and all the types of the Law point forward to JesusÖ

B: What types of Law? There was only one law I thought, and now we have grace, come on, we donít need law.

A: No you just donít understand, I meant, the types which point forward to Jesus, types in that sense.

B: Oh, I just donít get this. Let the spirit in your life! Amen!