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6. David

6-2-6 Jonathan And Christ

This leads us to the conclusion that Jonathan showed David the love of Christ, making him representative of Christ. It is quite clear that Jonathan is framed by the records as a type of Christ; as is David. This is understandable, in that they were so closely knit together by the spirit of Christ.  Likewise Christ loves us, and yet in a sense we are Christ, in that we are in him, sharing his titles and honours. We have seen that Jonathan saw David as God manifest. Yet David saw Jonathan likewise. The words which he speaks to him in 20:8 he later repeats to God (Ps.7:3,4). The following is proof enough that Jonathan is a type of Christ:



" Wrought this great salvation" (14:45)

These words are alluded to in Heb.2:3 concerning Christ (and possibly elsewhere)

" Jonathan said...Go in peace" (20:42)

Lk.7:50; 8:48

Stripped off his robes

Mt.27:28 cp. Gen.37:23

" Whatsoever thy soul desireth, I will even do it for thee" (20:4)

This is the spirit of Christ's words to us  (Jn.15:7).

" My father will do nothing, great or small, but that he will shew it me" (20:2)

Ditto (Jn.15:15)

Wounded by archers, although he still slew many with his bow (2 Sam.1:22)

The Messianic Gen.49:23,24 seems to also point forward to Jonathan's death: " The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him...but his bow abode in strength" .

The Hebrew word used to describe Jonathan's death in 2 Sam.1:19,22,25 means 'to slay by piercing to death'.

Cp. Christ's crucifixion.