Debating Bible Basics Duncan Heaster  


9.1 Should Christians Keep The Sabbath Today?

Transcript Of A Debate With Philip Bartlett


Written debate on good-news e-mail discussion forum


Against the necessity of keeping the sabbath: Mr. Duncan Heaster

For the necessity of keeping the sabbath: Mr. Philip Bartlett (Conservative Presbyterian- Calvinist)


Part 1: Opening Statements of 3000 words

Mr. Heaster:

9-1-1 The Sabbath And The Law Of Moses

9-1-2 The Sabbath In The Early Church

9-1-3 No Difference Between Torah And The Ten Commandments

Mr. Bartlett:

9-2-1 Ceremonial And Moral Law

9-2-2 The Sabbath And Sunday

9-2-3 Colossians 2 Explained

Part 2: Rebuttals of 3000 words

Mr. Heaster:

9-3-1 Law, Commandment, Statutes And Covenant

Mr. Bartlett:

9-3-2 The Sabbath And Salvation

Part 3: Question And Answer: 5 questions of 100 words from each participant, with answers of 200 words by the other

9-4-1 The Weekly Sabbaths

9-4-2 The Sabbath And Israel

9-4-3 The First Day Of The Week

9-4-4 The Sabbath Fulfilled

9-4-5 The Sabbath And Conscience

Part 4: Summary / Final statements of 1000 words

9-5-1 The Sabbath Is Not Binding Today

9-5-2 Our Obligation To Observe The Sabbath

9-6 Moses' Law " Done away"

Note: Mr. Bartlett exceeded his total word count but this was accepted by Mr. Heaster.