Debating Bible Basics Duncan Heaster  


Debating Bible Basics

a handbook for creative preaching

Duncan Heaster



Chapter 1

The Trinity

1.1 Jesus Christ And The Trinity-

What Does The Bible Say?

Transcript Of A Debate (With Leslie Everitt)

1.2 “The rock that followed them”

1.3 “In the beginning was the word”

1.4 Why The Trinity Was Accepted In Europe

1.5 "Being in the form of God" (Phil. 2)

1.6 God Manifestation

1-7 The Use of God’s Name

1-8 “God is a Spirit” (Jn. 4:24)

1-9 The Historical Jesus

1-10a Some "Wrested scriptures": Introduction

1-10 “I came down from Heaven” (Jn. 6:33,38)

1-11 Did Jesus create the Earth?

1-12 “Before Abraham was, I am”(Jn. 8:58)

1-13 Melchizedek

1-14 Jesus' Raising Up Of Himself

1-15 "The glory I had with you before the world was" (Jn. 17:5)

Chapter 2

The Devil And Satan / Demons

2.1 The Devil And Satan – What Does The Bible Say?

Transcript Of A Debate

2.2.1 Demons: A Biblical Discussion

2-2-1-1 The Devil, Satan And Demons

2-2-1-2 Do Demons Cause Illnesses?

2-2-1-3 New Testament Casting Out Of Demons

2-2-1-4 The Language Of The Day

2-2-1-5 God Adopts A Human Perspective

2-2-1-6 Miracles And Demons

2-2-1-7 Canaanite Theology Smashed

2-2-1-8 Exorcism Of Demons

2-2-1-9 Case Study: Resheph

2-2-2 God’s Use Of Language

2.3 In Search Of Satan: A Consideration Of Passages Misunderstood With Relation To The Devil, Satan And Demons

2.3.2 The Jewish Satan

2.3.3 Demons: Why Didn’t Jesus Correct People?

2.3.4 Demons: A Suggested Brief Explanation

2.3.5 The Principle Of Personification

2.3.6 The Implications And Origins Of Belief In A Personal Satan

Chapter 3

The Holy Spirit

3.1 Are The Miraculous Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Possessed Today? Transcript Of A Debate (With Marie Battle)

3.2Are The Miraculous Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Possessed Today? Transcript Of A Debate (With John Liliekas)

3-3 "These signs shall follow them that believe"

3-4 “You shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:38)

3-5 Calvinism

3-6 The Psychology Of Speaking In Tongues

Chapter 4


4.1 Jesus For Moslems- Introduction

4.2 Is The Bible The Unaltered Word Of God? Transcript Of A Debate (With Katherine Kullman And The Submission Organization)

Prologue: What Abraham / Ibrahim Believed About Jesus

4.3 What The Bible Says About Jesus

4.3.1 Al Masih The Birth Of Jesus

4.3.2 " Say not 'trinity'" : The Nature of Jesus

4.3.3 The Qur'an And The Death Of Jesus

4.3.4 Evidence For The Resurrection Of Jesus

4-3-4-1 The Swoon Theory

4-3-4-2 The Crucifixion Substitute Theory

4.3.5 The Qur'an And The Ascension Of Jesus

4.3.6 Islam And The Return Of Jesus

4.4 Man's Need For The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

4.4.1 Man’s Need

4.4.2 God’s Provision

4.4.3 The Need For Baptism

4.5 The Practical Power Of The Doctrine Of Jesus


4.6 The Qur’an Or The Bible?

4.6.1 Problems With The Qur’an

4.6.2 Problems With The Ahadith

4.6.3 Moslem Criticisms Of The Bible Answered

4.6.4 The Bible: Written By Inspiration

4.6.5 The Missing Body Of Jesus

4.7 Islamic Claims About Muhammad

4.8 Islam And Women

4.9 A Summary Of The True Christian Gospel.

Chapter 5

Judaism: Jesus For Jews

5.1 The Jewish Messiah

5-1-1 Appendix: Jesus Of Nazareth Is The Messiah Judaism Expected

5.2 The Historicity of Jesus of Nazareth
5.3 Jewish Objections To Jesus

5-3-1 Jewish Objections To The Ancestry Of Jesus
5.4 Jewish Objections To The Christian Doctrine Of Atonement

5.5 Jewish Objections To Christian Usage Of Old Testament Passages

5-5-1 Christian And Jewish Interpretation Of Isaiah 53

5-5-2 Zechariah 9: The Two Comings Of Messiah

5-5-3 Christian And Jewish Interpretations Of Isaiah 7:14

5.6 Christian And Jewish Interpretation Of Daniel 9
5.7 Miscellaneous Jewish Objections To Christianity

5-8 The Kabbala and Christianity: Not Compatible

Chapter 6

Buddhism: Jesus For Buddhists

6.1 The Bible’s Message For Buddhists

6.2 Christianity And Buddhism: Similarities

6.3 The Difficulties Of Buddhism

6.3.1 The Question Of Authority In Buddhism

6.3.2 The Concept Of Truth In Buddhism

6.3.3 Buddha Versus Jesus

6.3.4 Buddhism And A Personal God

6.3.5 Nirvana And The Bible

6.3.6 Predestination And Buddhism

6.3.7 The Problem Of Sin In Buddhism

6.3.8 The Problem Of Suffering In Buddhism

6.3.9 “The spirits in prison”

6.4 Conclusions: What Buddhism Lacks

Chapter 7


7.1 The Question Of Authority In Hinduism

7.1.1 Hindu Teachings About Caste

7.1.2 Hindu Teaching About Widows

7.1.3 Hindu Teaching About God

7.1.4 Problems In The Hindu Scriptures

7. 2 God

7.2.1 " The absolute" in Hinduism

7.2.2 The Personality Of God In Hinduism

7.2.3 Vishnu And Incarnation

7.3 The Meaning Of Persons And Hinduism

7.3.1 Karma In Hinduism

7.4 Salvation In Hinduism

7.5 Hinduism And Christianity: The Practical Difference

Chapter 8

The Atonement

8.1 The Principles Of The Atonement

Transcript Of A Debate (With Ruth Sisson)

Chapter 9

The Sabbath

9.1 Should Christians Keep The Sabbath Today? Transcript Of A Debate (With Philip Bartlett)

9.2 Changing God’s ‘Eternal law’

9.7 Not To Destroy The Law But To Fulfill (Mt. 5:17)

9.8 Need Christians Keep The Dietary Laws Of Acts 15?

Chapter 10

Women In The Church.

God And Gender

Chapter 12

Mary: What Does The Bible Say?

12.1 Mary: A Biblical Debate

12.2 The Roman Catholic Church and the formation of the New Testament Canon

12.3 An Appeal To Roman Catholics

Chapter 13

Approaching The Orthodox Mindset

13-1 Approaching the Orthodox mindset

13-2 Authority In The Orthodox Church

13-3 The Orthodox Church And Phronema

13-4 The Nature Of Salvation In The Orthodox Churches

13-5 Orthodox Church Doctrines

13-6 Unity And Disunity In The Orthodox Churches

13-7 Barriers To Preaching To The Orthodox

Chapter 14

Miscellaneous Studies

14-1 The Justice Of God

14-2 Jesus For Unbelievers

14-3 Our Attitude To Learning Bible Truth

14-5 The Level Of Knowledge Required Before Baptism

14-6 The Literality Of The Kingdom Of God

14-7 Summary Of The History Of Israel

14-8 The Destruction of Heavens and Earth (Rev. 21:1; 2 Pet. 3:6-12)

14-9 With What Nature Are We Resurrected?

14-10 British Israelism Considered

14-10-1 H.W. Armstrong's "Britsh Israelism"

14-10-2 The Brit-Am / Yair Davidiy Movement- Are Australians One Of The Lost Ten Tribes?

14-10-3 Are The Jewish People Ethnically Pure?

14-11 A Message For Former Jehovah's Witnesses

14-12 Have The Promises To Abraham Been Fulfilled?

14-13 Predestination And Freewill

14-14 Will There be a Universal Resurrection?>

14-15 Is Abortion Murder? What does the Bible say about terminating pregnancy?>



Appendix 1: Do Christians Need Prophets Today?

Appendix 2: Should Christians Tithe?

Appendix 3: What Is The Gospel?

Appendix 4: Speaking Through An Interpreter


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