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Welcome to Aletheia Bible College online! We offer a Diploma in Biblical Studies which can be obtained by 100% online study and assessment work. We honestly believe that our Diploma course is the ideal course for those who wish to:

- Simply study the Bible and theological matters deeply and systematically, with academic rigour

- Make the crucial connection between Biblical study and life-changing personal spiritual growth

- Obtain relevant training from a highly experienced tutor team in pastoral and missionary work. The Diploma course has been developed over many years by people with lifetimes of experience in the field as well as in church life and consistent Christian living. It will empower the student to take on pastoral, missionary and general ministry work with a sound spiritual and practical basis.

We look forward to you browsing our website, receiving your questions, and having you as students!


Also on this site are the complete writings of our senior tutor Duncan Heaster- click here to view them. This comprises a vast resource of over 4 million words of Biblical and theological research. Is there a Bible topic or a specific Bible verse you'd like to research? Use the search facility below to explore the material. See here for more information about how to most effectively use the search facility.

For an index to Aletheia College library, see here .


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