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The Power Of Basics Duncan Heaster  
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The Power Of Basics


1. The Power Of Basics

1-1 The Importance Of Truth

1-2 Doctrine And Practice Are Linked

1-3 The Power Of The Gospel

1-4 Keeping The Faith

1-5 The Importance Of Doctrine

1-6 The Doctrine Of Christ

2. An Analysis Of Basic doctrine

2.1 God exists: Practicing The Presence Of God

2.2 God is a personal being

2.3 God as creator

2-3-1 Digression: Genesis And Creation Myths

2.4 God sees and knows all things, being omnipresent by His Spirit

2.5 God is omnipotent and from everlasting to everlasting

2.5 God is omnipotent and from everlasting to everlasting

2.5.1 God Predestinates

2.6 God is one

2.6.1 God is one

2.6.2 The Unity Of God

2.7 God's Name is Yahweh / Jehovah

2.8 The Bible is the inspired, infallible word of God

2.8.1 The Bible is the inspired, infallible word of God

2.8.2 Bible Fundamentalism: A Caveat

2.9 The Kingdom of God will come

2.9.1 Strength Against Materialism

2.9.2 Separation From The World

2.10 The Judgment Seat: Motivation To Preach

2.11 Christ will come

2.12 We are to understand that Christ is coming soon

2.13 Through baptism, the promises to Abraham and David apply to us

2.13 Covenant Relationship With God

2.13a God In Covenant Relationship

2.13.1 The Woman Of Tekoah And The Promise In Eden

2.14 Baptism Is Essential To Salvation

2.15 Entering The Body of Christ

2.16 Forgiveness of sins and salvation really has been received by us

2.17 There is one body of Christ

2.18 Death is total unconsciousness; hell is the grave

2.19 The devil is a figure for our own sinfulness; there is no external devil

2-19-1 Digression: The Implications And Origins Of Belief In A Personal Satan

2.20 The Holy Spirit is the thinking and power of God. It works through God's word

2.21 The Lord Jesus was a man of our nature, Jesus didn't pre-exist

2.22 Jesus Christ is the Son of God

2.23 Jesus never sinned

2.24 Jesus is the Christ

2.25 Jesus Is Lord

2.26 Through the resurrection of Jesus, forgiveness of sins became possible for all men, and we too will be resurrected to life

2.27 Christ Died For Us

2.28 We must respond to the cross by living like Jesus

2.29 We must transform our lives

2.30 Imputed Righteousness

2.31 The Lord Jesus Christ died to achieve freedom from sin

Summary: The Effect Of Doctrines In Practice

Appendix 1: The Structure Of Romans: The Power Of Basics

Appendix 2: Excitement With God

2-1 God As A Man

2-2 God Changing His Mind

2-3 The Omniscience Of God

2-4 The Passion Of Jesus

Appendix 3: Separating Church From God: Out of Church Christians

Appendix 4

4-1 The Real Self

4-2 The New Life

4-3 Self-Perception

4-4 The Truth Of Christ

4-5 Self Talk

4-6 The Glory of God

Appendix 5: How Unique Is Christadelphianism?

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